And The Winner Is…pt. 2

Remember waaaay back in November when I told you guys I won the GQ+TALLIA Orange bloggers competition? Well, here are some of the results of winning the competition:

TALLIA put together this awesome video featuring their Spring ’14 looks and the bloggers of the competition. Guess who the Orange Guy is dancing….

Details Magazine March '14 issue
Details Magazine March ’14 issue

talliaT That’s Phoebe Philo on the cover!

T Magazine (pg. 173)
T Magazine (pg. 173)

T is a New York Times publication. Big deal? I’d say so!

Women's Wear Daily. This is like the bible of fashion!
Women’s Wear Daily. This is like the bible of fashion!
L'Uomo Vogue (Italian Men's Vogue
L’Uomo Vogue (Italian Men’s Vogue)with Lapo Elkann gracing the cover
Seeing myself in a print magazine for the first time.
Seeing myself in a print magazine for the first time.

If someone would’ve told me that I would end up in full page ads in some of the biggest and most influential fashion magazines in the world in less than two years after starting Men’s Style Point, I would’ve kindly asked that person to keep their lies to themselves. I’m happier than a fat kid at a Haagen Dazs in June for this opportunity and the exposure it gives to Even after winning the competition, I didn’t think the perks would extend this far. I was content with the learning experience and having the opportunity to travel to New York and be a part of moving fashion forward. But what has followed is something out of a daydream…or a romantic comedy. Apparently God has much larger plans than I could conjure up.

I have to say a big thank you to TALLIA Orange for thinking so big. When they told me they would feature us in some publications, I didn’t know their reach was going to be this long! This just proves that TALLIA is well on its way to being a powerhouse in menswear. It’s no surprise that I’ve seen their blazers all over, from gracing the SAG Awards red carpet to friends rocking their looks to big events around the city. If you’re in Las Vegas for PROJECT this week, check them out. They’ll be previewing their Fall ’14 collection. I’m excited to see what they have in the lineup!

Stay tuned for more….

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6 thoughts on “And The Winner Is…pt. 2

  1. Hey, Kevin

    Can you please tell me the shoes you’re wearing in the photo with the Tallia mannequin in the blue plaid, blue pants, hat and bow tie, and you’re wearing the blue blazer, cuffed Levis 514’s, blue shirt and grey tie. (At 23 seconds in the video, or the ad in WWD).

    Here’s how I found your blog– I work in a men’s clothing department and they have on display the Tallia ad with that photo, and was really impressed with your style. It had the link to your blog, so here I am.

    I’m dying to know the brown shoes you’re wearing in that photo. Thanks!

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